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I'm thrilled to be running for this leadership position, as I'm deeply passionate about the travel industry and the important role it plays in our lives.


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My Journey in Travel:

As a lifelong distance runner, I found myself on a cross-country/track scholarship at Utah State University. It was there, witnessing the logistical challenges faced by my team during travel, that I discovered a spark for the travel industry. My desire to streamline travel arrangements led me to take on the task of booking the team's trips, igniting a passion that continues to burn brightly today. Following graduation, I pursued my interest by enrolling in the Center for Travel Education. Despite initial concerns from my parents, I knew this path was right for me. My dedication quickly translated into a successful career, starting with Crossroads Travel and then transitioning to Hess Travel Company, where I spent nearly 25 years alongside Al Hess. Together, we navigated the challenges of the pandemic and ultimately decided to sell the company to ensure its stability. This experience, while challenging, provided valuable lessons in leadership and adaptation.

I'm excited that the next phase in my career brought me to Minnesota and Bursch Travel. Bursch Travel is in its 3rd generation of ownership which, during its 65+ years in business, has always been a strong advocate of and for ASTA. As the President of Bursch, I look forward to growing a regional travel agency, with strong family ties, while supporting our incredible team and clients.

My Commitment to Learning and Service:

I believe in leading by example, always striving to learn and grow. This philosophy extends beyond professional development, as I'm deeply committed to serving my community. My involvement in various organizations has instilled in me the importance of giving back and fostering meaningful connections.

Why the ASTA Board Matters:

Serving on the ASTA board presents a unique opportunity to advocate for the future of our industry. As we navigate a rapidly evolving landscape, ASTA plays a crucial role in shaping policy, promoting ethical practices, and providing resources for travel professionals.By joining the board, I aim to contribute my experience and collaborate with fellow members to ensure the continued success and relevance of ASTA in a changing world.

A Family Man:

Beyond my professional pursuits, my family is my biggest source of joy and support. I've been happily married to Rachel for 20 years, and together we have three amazing boys: Seth, Cole, and Jett.


I'm confident that my combination of passion, experience, and commitment to service makes me a strong candidate for this leadership position. I'm eager to contribute my skills and knowledge while embracing the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with all of you.