Travel Tips:

Here are some fun travel tips to help you along the way...


1.  Flimsy shower cap, or custom shoe cover?  You decide. In every suitcase, there's a constant battle between dirty and clean items. Score a victory for fresh-smelling shirts and dirt-free trousers by keeping your shoes contained in a shower cap. Place them in, soles down, and let the shower cap's elastic band cradle the shoes so that any dirt, grease, or unidentified muck stays safely tucked away inside the plastic pouch. Depending on the type and size of your shoes, you may need more than one shower cap, but housekeeping is usually pretty generous with them.

2.  Call your credit card company BEFORE you leave the country. While you're at it, jot down their international customer service number and put it in your suitcase.

3.  Going somewhere with clean drinking water? Pack a reusable water bottle that clips on to your bag. (Bonus points if it’s collapsible.) In an age where the bottled stuff costs $7, you’ll save a ton of money.

4. Did you know 30%-50% of travelers stateside and abroad will become ill or injured during their trip? Consider travel insurance!

5.  Little rubber doorstops hide out behind hotel-room doors, waiting for fleeting moments of glory. And while the unassuming devices are put there so guests can prop open their doors, they're just as effective at keeping doors shut. So if you want an added level of security when you turn in for the night, wedge the doorstop under the bolted door. Voila, you've just added an additional lock.

6.  Never carry your wallet in your back pocket, and never carry your purse on just your shoulder.

7.  Didn't bring a lint roller (and don't travel with duct tape)? No problem, you're still likely traveling with an item that can do double duty and help you get out the door fluff-, lint-, and animal-hair-free. Just carefully remove the long baggage-tracking sticker from your suitcase handle, wrap it around your hand with the sticky side facing out, and blot at any area of clothing that needs cleaning.

8.  Stuffing socks into your shoes can help you save space and ensure your loafers retain their shape.

9.  Dryer sheets remove static from your hair and clothing and make your suitcase smell awesome while taking up virtually no room.

10.  If you’ve forgotten something, check with the hotel before running to a drugstore. Most housekeeping departments carry toothbrushes, combs, sewing kits, shower caps, and disposable razors that they will give you free of charge.

11.  Not sure which security line is the shortest?  Turn Left.  Most people are right handed and automatically turn right.

12.  Want to avoid tangled necklaces on your trip?  String each necklace through a plastic drinking straw and fasten the ends.  Place in a cosmetic bag and voilà, no more tangled chains!


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