Happiness Flows in Every Direction

on select 2023 or 2024 Avalon Europe River cruises*

From windmills and wine to castles and coastlines, all are in your view on an Avalon Waterways river cruise in Europe. Tip your beret to bountiful France. Mosey on the Moselle or make waves on the waterways of Holland. Find serenity on the Seine or roam the Rhine Valley. Waltz through history on the Danube or revel on the Rhône. Rock the boat with countless ways to discover your choice of European river cruises where happiness flows!

Romantic Rhine (Southbound)
8 Days | Amsterdam to Basel
One of Europe’s most legendary rivers takes you across Germany and touches in Holland, France, and Switzerland!

Danube Dreams (Westbound)
8 Days | Budapest to Vilshofen
Cruise along the peaceful Danube River through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.

Active & Discovery on the Lower Danube
9 Days | Bucharest to Zagreb
Cruise through the Balkans and discover the beauty of its people and culture across a land of beauty and inspiration.

Active & Discovery on the Danube (Eastbound)
8 Days | Vilshofen to Budapest
Whether you’re an art lover, a foodie, a history buff, or an energetic adventurer, this cruise offers just-right included activities and excursions

Paris to Normandy
8 Days | Paris to Paris
This cruise combines time in Paris with beautiful scenery along the Seine River and the picturesque and historical region of Normandy

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