1st Annual "Bursch Biker Bake-off" Omaha to Marshall

submitted by Fred Bursch Nov 26, 2009

First let me begin with a mea culpa. Apparently the sun and the heat are getting to my brain. In yesterday’s edition I incorrectly credited the bunt cake in RST. I knew that BJ had baked it but app

1st Annual "Bursch Biker Bake-off" - Day 3 Still no Rain

submitted by Fred Busrch June 25,2009

Yesterday morning I was up bright and early and to the Rochester office by 815 am. I was a bit surprised that I am not stiff or sore from all the riding but I guess I am spurred on by the thought of fr

1st Annual "Bursch Biker Bakeoff" - Eating My Way Across Minnesota

submitted by Fred Bursch, June 24, 2009

I left home yesterday morning to sunshine and cool weather. One of my favorite roads is Douglas County Rd 5 which winds its way along the Long Prairie river to the city of Long Prairie. The road cur

1st Annual "Bursch Biker Bakeoff" Road Trip - Day 1 Recap

submtted by Fred Bursch June 23, 2009

I just about didn’t leave home this morning. I figured yesterday was so close to a 10 that it would be hard to beat it, and with the forecast of severe heat for today the lake was looking pretty invi

1st Annual "Bursch Biker Bakeoff" Road Trip - The Journey Begins

submitted by Fred Bursch June 22, 2009

After spending most of yesterday trapped in-doors with rain and gusty winds, I feared that the forecast for my week-long motorcycle trip might be wrong. The long-term forecast for the week was to be s

Istanbul, Turkey

submitted by Audrey Hulsey- Pegasus Travel Omaha
What I loved about Istanbul - food, Doner Kebaps, lamb, yoghurt, eggplant,seafood, Grand Bazaar the most famous shopping center, Spice Bazaar and endless shops, including every upscale designe

Barcelo Tropical, Riviera Maya

submitted by Lois Sullivan - Bursch Travel Little Falls
The Barcelo is a very large resort consisting of the Barcelo Maya Beach & Caribe built first and is the least expensive property, Barcelo Tropical and Colonial and the Barcelo Palace fo

Asheville N.C.

submitted by Audrey Hulsey - Pegasus Travel Omaha
April 10 – 20...

My focus for this vacation was to attend the Regional Bridge Tournament in Gatlinburg TN, it’s one of the biggest...there were 3778 people who won masterp