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Build in Extra Time When Booking Flights

The demand for travel is back and we’re incredibly excited to help you with your next adventure!  However, although restrictions are being eased, there are still a few things that are currently not “easy” about travel.

The lasting effects of COVID layoffs and early retirements mean that airlines are still understaffed. Fewer pilots and crew means fewer flights, possible delays, and even cancellations. We always advise that you pack your patience, but now we want to make sure that you are planning ahead.

If you are traveling for a special event or have a cruise or tour that departs on a specific date, we are currently advising that you plan to arrive AT LEAST 24-48 hours in advance.  You’ve seen the heartbreaking stories on the news – fathers missing their daughter’s weddings, couples not making it to their honeymoons, and groups left standing at the port while their ship sails away. You deserve the trip of your dreams, so let’s make that a reality.  For those traveling to Alaska, please know that they are experiencing an even greater staffing shortage, so keep that in mind as you make your plans.    

Should you already have travel plans for 2023, please look at your itinerary again. If there are fewer than 24-48 hours before a planned event, cruise or tour, reach out to your Bursch Travel advisor, today. Building in some buffer time could be the difference between taking your dream vacation and your vacation being only a dream.

Build in Extra Time When Booking Flights

Cancellations happen, but there are people to help. Stay Calm.

Before travel:

  • Download your airline app.  This will be a great source of up to date information about gates, flight changes, baggage location, and more!

Cancelled Flight at the airport:

  • If you have a cancelled flight – get in line immediately at the airlines service desk, check-in podium at the gate, or service phone bank near your gate. The airline will have immediate access to alternative flights they can offer you as assistance.

Cancelled Flight prior to leaving home:

  • If you are contacted that your flight has been cancelled ask them for alternative fights they can offer you as protection.

Other Emergencies during travel:

  • Contact the Destination Help Desk or emergency contact number listed in your Bursch Travel documents to have them start assisting you with the situation.

Bursch Travel “Memo of Expectation”

Your vacation is very important to us, so we want to let you know that things will continue to look different even as Covid moves further into our rearview mirror.

For the last few years, Covid-19 placed significant challenges on the entire hospitality industry and often staff reductions were made to aid recovery. Rehiring is now a major priority however, in many destinations, staffing levels remain well below 100% even while demand is at an all-time high. This means that customer service could likely be compromised on airlines, at hotels, resorts, restaurants, museums, parks, and all places that serve travelers.

We know that car rental companies are suffering from a shortage of cars and the lines to rent a car can be very long. Please take into consideration that hotels and resorts have reduced hours and may have closed pools, kid’s clubs, swim-up-bars, restaurants, etc. National Parks, amusement parks and all public venues could limit capacity and require reservations. Transfers and shuttles could require longer wait times as well as long wait times at airports and hotels.

Any time you travel, you must pack your patience and remain flexible. Literally anything can happen – even the possibility of a last-minute cancellation. Because of that, purchasing travel insurance is highly advised. The right travel protection plan can safeguard your trip investment, reimburse covered emergency medical costs, and give you access to emergency assistance services, among many other benefits. Not all plans are made equal, however, so we recommend you work with your travel advisor to make sure you have the suitable coverage for your needs.

You can expect continued and changing protocols with masks, social distancing, testing, vaccination requirements, and other things outside of anyone’s control. Please familiarize yourself with for travel requirements related to Covid-19.

Thank you for choosing Bursch Travel. We have been serving travelers for 65 years and we are excited for the future. Visiting new places and celebrating other cultures brings peace and joy to our world and we thank you for your part in making our world a better place.

– Your Bursch Travel Team

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