Travel Counselor Tuesday - Amy W.

It's Travel Counselor Tuesday!  Meet Amy W. from our St. Cloud office.  With degrees in both Travel & Tourism and Photo Journalism, Amy not only knows how to explore the world, she knows how to document it with spectacular pictures.

Travel Advisor Tuesday - Donna S.

It's Travel Advisor Tuesday, again, here at Bursch Travel!  Donna S, from Alexandria, is in the hot seat today.  Click here to learn more about our office manager or, even better yet, come at meet her in person during our Princess Cruises Alaska presentation this Thursday, September 14! 

Travel Advisor Tuesday - Jessica K.

We took a week off but now we're back for our next Travel Advisor Tuesday! Today we're featuring Jessica K. from our Rapid City office.  One of our resident adventure travelers, she has a soft spot for everything Peruvian.  Read more about her explorations, here!