Memories of our group trip to Rome Oct 2004

Submitted by Lee Hurd - Group Leader St Cloud office

This is to all those special people in my church choir that traveled with me to Rome.  Thinking of all of you and what fantastic time we had.  This was a great way to see Rome with this group of such special friends.  We will always share this great adventure.

Here are some highlights

We were touring one of the oldest cities in the world...we were piling into overcrowded subways......we were singing (or cheering on the

singers) at the Pantheon....we saw St Peters Basilica for the first time.....we saw the Sistine Chapel....we ended the evening on the "roof"

porch overlooking Rome.....we all ate a gilato.....and we certainly laughed and may have cried......This my friends, was truly a trip of a lifetime! 

This trip is truly something I will never forget.

Thank you to each one of you for being a part in my life's journey