Winter Park Colorado Amtrak Trip

submitted by Jerre and Mark Hunter Omaha NE

We had a great time on our Amtrak trip to Winter Park Co that we won at "Buy the Big O" show in Omaha. Neither of us had ever ridden the train so that was a great experience, we met several nice couples, the food was great and the accomodations on the train were fine....the ride through the mountains and the tunnels was wonderful, The Vintage Hotel was very good and the people working their were very pleasant. The food in the hotel could have been better but we were fine. Our kids came up one day and spent the day with us and we took the grandkids on the slopes and then the next day they bought us lift tickets so we could ski. It snowed every day so there was lots of powder....and it was cold but you don't expect anything else when you are on the mountain. We had not skied in ten years so we were a little nervous but it came right back and we skied the entire mountain even to the top at Mary Jane Thanks so much for the chance to do this and we will keep you in mind for another trip....Be sure to let everyone know how much we appreciated it. We would do this trip again.