submitted by The Kleinschmidt's clients of Bursch Travel Alexandria

This is a little brief from our second ever vacation away from Alexandria:

First off, Ms. Anderson immediately responded to our request to vacation in Florida for a few days.  She took care of all of the arrangements, which, by the way, everything fell in to place without a hitch!!!:)  The flights were smoooooth, including other vacationers on the flight and all employees on the flight.  (Everyone was in a good mood!)

The Alamo car person, George, assisted us as if we were is parents.  He gave us specific directions with a smile and wished us well.

The Pink Shell was outstanding.  I know we had the best room out of the entire 5-building hotel campus.  We had both a screened porch and beyond that, we had an unscreened porch, in addition!!!!!!!!!!!!  It really could NOT have been any nicer of a set-up.  We walked the beautiful, luxurious white sand beaches and every last person appeared to be relaxed (on vacation) and laid back.  This includes ALL the people. 

We had no problems what so ever.  It was a vacation that was easy, relaxed and peaceful. 

Driving the rented car was even easy.  The map George gave us served our purpose well, and we found the places we wanted to go without issue.  I loved the roads...they appeared to be mini runways because they had small reflector type deals that kept you knowig where to drive.  I liked that especially in the dark. 

The food was fabulous.  We ate fresh caught snapper more than once and of course, shrimp.  YUMMMY!!!  The sauces and salads were scrumptious!!!  (It may have been a thin pear sauce on that delicious salad...!!)

Outstanding!!!!   Fun!!!  Relaxed!!!

Shelly, you made going on vacation sooooooo easy.  We do not plan to wait 9 years to go again, that is for certain!!!!

Dave has talked of Alaska....and mentioned it again when we got back...so that may be our next destination....:)

Thanks a million for your efforts.  We appreciate the worry free vacation you arranged for us small town folks.  It was absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!