Honeymoon - El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya Mexico

submitted by - Jasmine Medina and John Ecker winners of the KCLD Radio "Grand Wedding Giveaway - Bursch Travel, St. Cloud

The honeymoon was fantastic. Everything went so well. The El Dorado Royale is a fantastic place, we got upgraded to an ocean front room as they had to move us so many times when we first got there, that they finally just gave us a room by the ocean. It was magnificient. The weather was awesome 80 degrees every day, but very very windy. however there are so many places to get away from the wind we had no problems. We have wonderful tans!!!. The restaurants are out of this world and the staff are amazing!!! The resort was not very busy and so we had a lot of staff to ourselves. The alcohol is top shelf and you can have whatever you want whenever you want it.

I would recommend this hotel to any couple young or old, the staff take care of you no matter what age you are...


Funjet Vacations and Sun Country also did a great job, they are a very helpful and professional airline. They helped everybody with the customs information questions and were very friendly.

Also the Lomas travel staff were great with their recommendations on the tours we should do and were not really pushy....

Thanks again for this fantastic opportunity we had a honeymoon of a lifetime!!!.


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