Vacation Rental Home Ft Meyers Beach Florida

submitted by Duane Hagen, client Bursch Travel, Litchfield

We are back and had a nice time on Ft. Myers Beach. The house rental you booked for us thru Vacation Rentals went without a hitch and it was very nice. It was nice knowing the owner was someone from MN. It was just down the street from the Outrigger Motel. So quiet the first night that my wife was a bit frightened. But that was just the way it was every night-quiet. The house was very well kept and we really enjoyed it. The internet pictures were accurate. It was just that way when we walked in. The Ft. Myers Beach traffic is another story. I'm not sure we would fight that again. If you are just there for the beach, it is not a bother or going south is OK also. But north across the bridge in very very congested.

We locked the keys in the rental car at the Twins game on Monday. But called Alamo and they had someone there in 45 minutes. So it worked out fine. There seemed to be a lot of private rentals that had vacancies. I'm not sure if the economy was driving that or if there are just so many that there are always some available.

So, this is the second time we've done a vacation rental home and both were super. Rented one in Chicago last summer too. We would not hesitate to try it again. It is so much more comfortable than a sterile hotel room.