1st Annual "Bursch Biker Bakeoff" Road Trip - Day 1 Recap

submtted by Fred Bursch June 23, 2009

I just about didn't leave home this morning. I figured yesterday was so close to a 10 that it would be hard to beat it, and with the forecast of severe heat for today the lake was looking pretty inviting. But then I got on the bike and drove out through some of the prettiest roads in my home county and I am anxious for another day on the bike.
Yesterday in Fargo I was treated to Molten Chocolate Cupcakes, warmed in the microwave until the chocolate center just oozed out when I took a bite. It was Karen Morlock's recipe and baked by Carrie Darrah. They were topped with a raspberry and a little cool whip rounded out the calories. They were so rich that I was afraid I might fall asleep in mid-afternoon but the triple chocolate contained enough caffeine to keep me wide awake all the way to Baxter.
Driving Hwy 10 from Fargo to Baxter took me from the flats of the Red River valley into the hills and lake country of west central MN. Along the way I noticed a sign for the World's Largest Turkey (other than me) so I stopped in Frazee to take a picture. This trip is taking on a bit of a "bird theme". So far I have the coot (that's a black waterfowl) in Ashby, the prairie chicken in Rothsay (between Fergus Falls and Moorhead) and the turkey in Frazee.
I stopped for fuel in Detroit Lakes. Put in 4.7 gallons for 36.2 mpg. You can tell that I have been traveling a bit faster than usual and hot weather also decreases mileage. The good news is that the heat yesterday only hit 86 and I was able to wear my leather jacket all day. The jacket has protective body armor so I want to try and keep in on as much as possible but it may have to come off this afternoon as the temp hits the mid-90's.
Elaine in Baxter was concerned when I didn't show up until 4 PM. They were about send out the patrol to see if I was sleeping off the chocolate cake in some road-side rest. After a hot afternoon (well, hottest so far) the cool lemonade that they had waiting really hit the spot.
I have heard rumors that Elaine is an excellent baker and she had baked an old family recipe. Her pastry consisted of mostly butter and eggs, so there was no way she could go wrong. I had to limit myself to just two, as any more would have developed an addiction. Elaine, you did your mother good!
After spending much of Monday on 4 lane roads and going through a number of construction projects, my trip home from Baxter was very relaxing. Two lane roads winding through the countryside of fields and trees is certainly much more relaxing than the 4 lanes but you have to watch out for deer. Since it was approaching 7 PM as I got home I kept my eyes peeled since I never want another close encounter of the deer kind.
Day 1 â€" 356 Miles and 9.4 gallons of gas.
Culminated with a glass of wine and rib-eyes on the grill. Can life get any better?
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