1st Annual "Bursch Biker Bake-off" Omaha to Marshall

submitted by Fred Bursch Nov 26, 2009

First let me begin with a mea culpa. Apparently the sun and the heat are getting to my brain. In yesterday's edition I incorrectly credited the bunt cake in RST. I knew that BJ had baked it but apparently gave Marlene credit for it. Sorry about that BJ.

And then in Austin I gave Heather credit for the great raspberry dessert. Apparently it was all Mary Jo's doing. Heather was honest enough to send me a disclaimer. I also forgot to mention that Mary Jo had fresh flowers on every desk. I mention this every year but they are as beautiful as ever and a nice touch. Thanks Mary Jo.

The miles are getting to me.

The shopping center where we have the OMA office is undergoing a complete makeover. Our sign is down as they put a new facade on the building and the parking lot is being dug up and repaved with concrete. Luckily I had my helmet on as I walked through the construction zone.

Audrey lives just a couple of blocks from the office and she brought an egg bake for all to share. She made this the night before because it needs to "rest” and then went off to attend the final game of the College World Series. We were joined Stacey and Robert, as well as Audrey's daughter Allison, who has just moved back to the US after spending the last 3 years in Germany with the US Air Force (her husband's duty), and Audrey's grandsons. There seemed to be plenty of food for all, topped off with a blueberry streusel. It is nice to have a little something sweet in the morning

It was clear and hot as I drove on to Sioux Falls. When I stopped for gas I decided to put on a sleeveless t-shirt to stay a little cooler. Unfortunately I forgot the sun-block and ended up with a pretty good shoulder burn. (Today it is long-sleeves and a jacket to a avoid a repeat)

Denise in Sioux Falls works from her home so I made a "house call.” She made a smoothie with fresh strawberries, yogurt, apple juice, ice and a few other ingredients. After a hot day on the road this was very refreshing and accompanied by Denise's home-made granola bars. She sent along a couple of spares packed in ice in case I had a break-down along the way and I ended up delivering them to Nancy and Dawn in Marshall. Joining us for the lunch was Denise's husband, Nick, and poodle "Sammy.”

After leaving Sioux Falls I came across a truck hauling a wind-turbine blade. I have seen them on the highway before but never been up close. This one was in Pipestone and was turning a corner, quite a feat with an 80 foot trailer. The thing that was most unusual was that the tip of the blade was so flexible you could actually see it flex as the truck hit bumps. You would think they would be rigid but it was much more flexible than I had imagined.

I got to Marshall about 430 in the afternoon. Nancy and Dawn had a place setting with a folded napkin just like you would find on a cruise ship. They served me a chocolate brownie topped with ice cream; it was Schwan's ice cream, of course, since the company is headquartered in Marshall. The also had a fruit drink, much like sangria but without any wine or alcohol. Dawn said that if I was spending the night in Marshall she would add some alcohol to it for a few bonus points. Unfortunately, I had to move on down the road to Granite Falls, just 30 miles away.

Only 301 miles today but still no rain!