DisneyWorld Orlando. Florida

submitted by Edie L Austin office
We stayed "on site" at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort and I can't say enough about staying on-site. Awesome location, minutes from everything and great transportation system, efficient and clean. We were able to take advantage of Disney's "Free” Dining Plan. What a GREAT deal! My daughter was able to dine with characters each day and we did NOT have to buy one single additional meal while we were there. HUGE money saver…It's nice to be able to experience that first hand, it sure helps in understanding how much money that really does save a family when they are traveling.We stayed in a Savannah Room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge….the rooms were great. They had a double sink area separate from the actual stool and tub/shower. They weren't huge rooms, but adequate for a family of four or less. The views of the animals are AWESOME. Sometimes the giraffes were almost within reaching distance (especially at night). One thing I noticed is that the rooms are very quiet. During the evening when we would step out to see the animals, all we could here were crickets and frogs. You would think you were miles from anything. But, in actuality everything was within a 15 minute shuttle ride. One thing to watch for when using the Disney transportation system be sure to watch your drop off and pick up points â€" they are not always at the same place. Another good tip is it's smart to purchase a Hopper Pass over the basic. The parades and fireworks shows aren't always showing in the same park that you have chosen to visit for the day. So to make sure that a person can take in all of those activities a Park Hopper pass is almost a must