submitted by Robert from Pegasus Travel

Seeing Italy during the low season is a great benefit. There are no crowds and the weather was quite comfortable in early November. If you go to see Venice in November be sure to wear a coat and some gloves wouldn't hurt when you take any type of long boat ride on the open water.
Anyone who enjoys history, different cultures, and a sense of adventure should visit Itlay. Those who like having their days planned but still have a high quality product with the option of seeing things outside of the norm. Italy is a must see for everyone even if just to see some of the "tourist” sights. Religious clients will walk away with a great feeling especially if you have the chance to see the tombs of the popes. I saw the tomb of Pope John Paul II and was almost in tears â€" it was that moving!Some tips you can use - bring a pair of good walking shoes, bring lots of batteries, make sure you have enough Euros in cash on hand. Many places will take credit cards but many have a minimum purchase amount due to their high service fees.