Argentina and Chile

Stephanie Hughes and her husband, Ben Griffin are currently on an REI hiking trip through Argentina and into Chile. They are now driving a Hertz rental car through Chile and will end up in Valparaiso, Chile for New Years Eve. It is one of the best places in the world as I guess their NYE fireworks are awesome!! Here are some comments and photos from Stephanie
"The REI group bonded quite well. We had a great time together. Last 2 nights involved great meals and mucho vino! Yesterday rafted beautiful river and then went to natural hot springs. We are driving to Temuco airport now - everyone else flying off, we head to Hertz. GPS working well, so I think I will navigate fine.
(dec 26th)
The GPS working great. Went to Salto del Laja waterfall today on way to Chillan (tonights hotel town). Tomorrow we stop at a natural hot springs to bathe in on the way to Curico. Plan 2 nights there w drive to a national park and maybe a winery. Then to Valpo
Here are photos from Bariloche. Accommodations are nice, the surroundings are amazing, the other travelers fun (there ended up being 12 of us, 4 couples and 4 singles. Guides are great too. Today great views and killer mtn bike ride. Watch the Bursch Blog or Facebook page for more info and photos.

View from Bari lodge patio