submitted by - Sandie and Carrie from Bursch Travel Fargo
We flew Delta -- on the flight out -- we went FAR-SLC-HNL -- we had to pay for food on that flight, but we each had our own video monitors, headsets were $2.00 if you didn't have your own. On our return flight HNL-MSP-FAR -- we were served a meal and a snack at no cost, again had our own video monitors, same price for headsets. There were 4 of us that had no luggage when we got to Fargo -- Delta tried to blame it on us checking in late in HNL -- MAY have NOT been in the mood for them, given flying all night -- very uncomfortable, and needed sleep. We were 2 1/2 hours early in HNL -- but the luggage handlers sent our pieces to Atlanta instead of MSP -- all were delivered to our homes 7 hours later.
Ohana East -Fantastic location, in the heart of Waikiki -- a block from the beach -- right next to the International Market Place. Rooms were nice size, pool area was nice as well. The hotel could use a few updates but nothing that would make me not want to sell it. They had vendors each night that sold local goods in the lobby -- and they were NOT overpriced -- some were less than the International Marketplace.
The Shorebird Restaurant, located at the Outrigger Reef on the beach -- FANTASTIC --. It was fun -- some ordered Kabobs, steaks, chicken and shrimp -- you cook your own meat! it is a great experience! Trattoria Mangiamo -- this is a super small little hole in the wall Italian restaurant -- sounded good so we stopped. FANTASTIC food and very well priced!!! And of course the ever popular Senior Frogs and Margaritaville. Shopping in the International Marketplace is fun -- it's bargain mania!!! Pearl Harbor is still a must see!!! Be sure to experience a Shave Ice in Hawaii -- they are known for this -- it's basically a SUPER SIZED Icee -- but you get the best flavors to choose from!!!
Hard to pin point one thing on this trip -- we just had such a fantastic trip. We really enjoyed the day that we spent renting a BRIGHT yellow jeep and going to the North Shore -- we learned that Pineapples are grown from the ground up - thought they came from trees like coconuts!!! We didn't know! You learn something new everyday! The scenery on the way up was amazing! It was great to get outside of Honolulu and see the countryside. The North Shore is a beautiful part of Oahu that I have never explored before. We stopped at a local restaurant along the side of the road -- its called Macky's -- and it's an RV!!! They had some of the BEST shrimp and the price was FANTASTIC. Again -- another hole in the wall looking place -- but was great. We ate outside under tents with chickens running around.

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling is a MUST when you go to Oahu. They do NOT accept groups -- so we got out of our transfer vans and walked in groups of 3 or 4. We were told that if we were asked if we were a large group, we had to say no, we were with our ohana (family), or they would ask us to leave the park. Once we got down to the beach, we all put our towels and things together and were not questioned. We were able to see tons of fish, a sea turtle and an octopus!
Some of the group went parasailing. They said it is also a must do!
There are several people set up in little spots all over Waikiki -- not Time Shares -- but offering HUGE discounts (example -- Pearl Harbor for $5.00) if you listen to their discount website business and how it will work for you. We did not take the time to do this, but they are all over and people will get asked many times to listen.
The sunsets are amazing in Hawaii -- there is a particular area that has the most amazing view -- by the Outrigger Reef on the Beach.
Carrie and about 8 other people hiked up Diamond Head! You pay a $1 entrance fee and get an experience of a lifetime! It was tough but ANYONE can make it up to the top -- our group had people of all ages, shapes and sizes!
Outrigger Reef on the Beach FANTASTIC beach location