Alaska Honeymoon

submitted by- Stephanie and Levi Philippi clients of Bursch Travel St. Cloud
The trip was awesome! There are jelly fish, salmon and seals everywhere. We went kayaking and held a jellyfish and salmon was our treat when we were done...summitted Deer Mountain over 3000 ft and 3 1/2 miles one way...we hurt for 3 days after but it was worth bears...saw orca whale and it's baby on the misty Fjords boat tour and Indian paintings on the side of mountains from 500 years ago...had a hot rock therapy massage which was much needed. Zip lining was scary but was awesome!

The plane flies in on an island and you have to take a ferry for people and cars to the other side. Then the hotel picked us up. The hotel was probably the cleanest on the island but I say the only complaint was that we didn't always have hot water in our showers.

There were millions of salmon spawning so it was a little fishy in town but there were seals in the stream by all the shops eating them so it was worth it. Food was expensive of course. All the natives thought it was weird that we flew in and didn't take a cruise ship. The whole town evolves around the cruise ships...almost everything shuts down once they leave. So, we had to coordinate our activities and meals with the times of the cruise ships. They were there about 6am-3pm. We saw all the cruise the cruise ships from our hotel window.

There are no moose or deer on the island and no grizzly bears...It would have been neat to see a moose or a bear. Average temps in the winter are 40 degrees. Clouds were very low the whole time we were there but they were white...very neat. Half the days were wore jeans and short sleeve shirt and the last half we needed hoody jackets. It rained a lot the last two days but the rest of the days were nice.

We had a great time...we wouldn't have wanted to stay longer than a week, though. We did all the activities except the float planes...which 3 planes a week crash in Alaska...I'm fine without!

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