Ok, for real....Heidelburg is my favorite!!!!

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This morning we awoke to a foggy day in Wurzburg, but after finishing breakfast and getting on our way, we discovered that the weathermen here in Germany are no different than the ones back home.....they can't quite get it right either! A few miles out of town, we were greeted by blue skies and sunshine! Our first stop of the day was a break for a photo op in Hilschorn along the Neckar River. We were able to stretch our legs and get some great pictures of the castle located there (thanks Marco for that suggested stop!!). After a few pictures, it was back on the bus for our first official destination, Heidelberg.

I have decided that this really is my favorite place in Germany....the rest are very beautiful, but the castle here is AMAZING! As our tour guide, Susanna, pointed out, this castle is more like a place than a castle, but still quite dramatic and majestic none the less. The castle is perched atop a hill, so it was another funicular ride to the top for this tour Heidelberg Castle Heidelberg Castle.We learned more about the monarchy in this part of Germany and how the six degrees of separate works with this family! One of the sons of the king went on to found the Hudson Bay company! We didn't have a lot of time to actually spend in the city, but we did get a chance to make a quick trip through the main square and along the river to get some great pictures of the Baroque Bridge and then it was back on the bus for our next destination.

Our final tour of this trip was in Worms. A few of us decided to skip this trip and just enjoy a nice lunch as we didn't really get time to eat whilst in Heidelberg. However, those that did do the tour were able to learn a great deal about Martin Luther and to visit the Jewish Graveyard along with the Cathedral and the Martin Luther Monument.

We arrived at our final hotel, the Frankfurt Ibis near the airport after dropping off the Millers (not our Norbert and Eileen!) who were meeting their kids in Munich for Oktoberfest. We enjoyed a final dinner together and also drinks afterward in the lobby bar. It was fun getting to know some of the other travelers on this trip and learning more about where each of us lives (we were trying to teach our new Baltimore friends how to speak Minnesotan....quite humorous!).

I'm sad to say that tomorrow we will be sending the rest of our group on their way back to their respective homes, and we'll miss them.....but Italy, here we come (ready or not!!!!). More tomorrow from beautiful Italy!

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