San Antonio

submitted by Carrie Bursch Travel Fargo
I stayed at: Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk
Great location, 2 blocks to the Alamo. I felt very safe as I was traveling alone. You can get a room with a view of the Alamo. The hotel was very clean. The staff was very friendly. There was a CVS store located 1/2 blocks away for those items you forget, and the prices are very reasonable. You can also purchase alcoholic beverages there for reasonable prices too!
Things to do - Shopping, golf (although the golf courses I went by were tan, not the pretty green). Love the food!
I really enjoyed the sights! I took a river cruise that was about $8 and the tour guide was very knowledgeable on the destination. I have never completely traveled alone like this so it was a great city to try it out! I never felt unsafe, or scared.
The first night I didn't arrive until around 6 pm so by the time I got settled it was dark out but I still walked along the river walk and enjoyed the sights! The next morning I went to the Alamo, The Tower of America's, The Menger Bar (Teddy Roosevelt used to recruit men for the Texas Rangers here!) I did the river walk boat tour, went to the river center mall, I also walked along the river walk and went to the San Fernando Cathedral where a mass in Spanish was going on.
I had lunch at this cute little cafe next to the church, where they have outdoor seating in the courtyard!
I had my valentine's steak dinner at The Republic of Texas, a restaurant right on the river walk by myself and didn't feel out of place at all!!
That night I went to a fun Irish pub called Durty Nellies, they have a piano and the singer encourages the crowd to sing along and sing parts with him.
There is a lot of walking!
I think anyone would like it! Couples, families and singles!
I took a taxi to and from the airport and it was about $23-25 each way. You can take a shuttle but I wanted the non stop option.
Here is some trivia for you! When an armadillo gives birth they have a litter and they are all the same sex!