A Letter from Fred Bursch, President/Owner Bursch Travel

March 19, 2020

Dear Bursch Travel Customer,

These are extraordinary times.  Never in the nearly 65 years of our company’s history have we seen countries throughout the world close their doors to tourists.  Maybe one or two countries have imposed limited bans on entry; never have we seen countries on every continent adopt these policies and implement them overnight.

For the last week our team of travel advisors has been busy accommodating the cancellations and changes in itineraries for our many customers.  They have worked night and day, often sitting on hold for countless hours just to get customers home from distant lands.  I am proud to report that in virtually every case they have worked miracles on behalf of our clients.  One advisor went so far as calling an airline at 3 a.m. after she had been up all night delivering a calf on her farm!  Now that is dedication.

We have reached the point, however, where countries around the world are closing their doors and imposing travel bans on a moment’s notice.  We can no longer advise customers that it is safe to travel outside of the U.S.  Should you depart the U.S. and a travel ban goes into effect, we have limited ways to get you back.  Airlines have cut capacity, limiting return flights. Cruise lines have been diverted to other ports or held out at sea while they search for a port that will accept them.  The tools in our bag are very limited.

We will be evaluating this travel advisory on a daily basis.  For now, we can’t envision that things will be somewhat normal before May 1st, and suggest you refrain from international travel until that time.

While we appreciate your willingness to travel, Bursch Travel currently advises against you leaving the U.S.  Should you do so, it will be at your own risk and we may not be able to help you return.  Any additional costs you incur for flights from a different airport or country, or additional hotel expenses incurred while in quarantine, will have to be at your own expense.

We all hope that the world returns to a more normal state quickly. The world is a vast, interesting place and we all want to see more of it. In the meantime, please stay home, stay calm and wash your hands.


Fred Bursch

President/Owner, Bursch Travel