Welcome to Burschville, MN!

Back in the 1850’s my great grandfather and four brothers emigrated from Germany (then Prussia) to Minnesota.  They settled in an area west of Minneapolis between Loretto and Rockford; those of you in MN probably know about where that is.  The area became an unincorporated village called Burschville.  It wasn’t much except an intersection of two county roads.


When my kids were growing up I took them through the area and showed them the highway signs which said Burschville.  There wasn’t much there except a gas station and a liquor store (perhaps it was bar.)


Last week I was coming back from Minneapolis and had a meeting in a western suburb.  As I continued home, I took a variety of roads headed west or north hoping to connect up with the freeway to Alexandria.  Since these were roads I normally don’t travel, I was a bit unaware of my current position.  Suburban sprawl has encroached on what was once farm fields and the area looks completely different than it did 20 years ago.


Then I came upon this sign at a convenience store!


I had to stop and take a picture for all of you.  It’s kind of fun to have this namesake, though I doubt many know the story behind this sign.