Laughlin and Las Vegas Nevada area

comments submitted from - Dave Urban July 8, 2008

Thank you for setting up our trip at the last minute. It was great, but HOTTER THAN HELL! 114 degrees. My gosh!
The Aquarius in Laughlin was the best motel I've been in with a great floor to ceiling view of the river. Nice pool. Nice place. I hated to leave that view.
We drove to Oatman, a little run down town south of Laughlin where the burros run wild. Fun little place. Lots of shops and on Route 66.
The white water rafting was great! The motel in Peach Springs was very nice in the middle of an Indian reservation. I find that Indian women that work there I kinda rude and have no patience. Other then that, nice motel and pool. They also have a nice restaurant attached and they give very big helpings of food. I couldn't eat all of it. They say it is for all of the hikers who need the energy.
The Best Western was good, like any other Best Western. They provide a free shuttle every hour to the MGM and will pick you up there later if you call. Nice and close to the airport.
Between having a travel agent booking everything and me getting a GPS just before we left, the trip couldn't have been any better.
Thank you.
(did I mention how damn HOT it was?!!)