Colorado June, 2008

Visited Henry Doorly Zoo (Omaha), Great Sand Dunes National Park, Mesa Verde National Park. We did some river rafting and you want tp check the reputation of rafting companies before you go….someone died on the river the day we went….(NOT our company)…but newspaper hinted the company involved had some mishaps before.
Great Sand Dunes National Park…HOT, HOT, HOT…go early in day, bring lots of water, take it easy
if you camp….see campsite before you commit….some places looked like Joe Nobody hung a shingle in the yard and started taking reservations.
Everyone would enjoy this trip….but elderly or people with health issues could experience some trouble with the heat….altitude could also restrict the ability to do some of the activities. Be prepared for a slower pace at higher altitudes…it even affected my 3 energetic boys! Water, water, water, we were always thirsty….it helps with adjusting to altitude.
Mesa Verde National Park is HUGE! It takes 30 - 45 minutes just to get in the park and to a location….reservations needed to see some of the cliff dwellings…not for everyone because of strenuous hiking…. can see some dwellings from overlooks with easy paved trails
Early June, late May is great time to visit...unique time because snow still in the mountains at higher elevations, Medano Creek is still flowing around base of Great Sand Dunes, Zapata Falls was frigid because of snow melt…(had to walk in creek to see falls…BRRRRR!)
Recommend getting a book on National Parks before you go…very helpful in what to see, how much time to allow, and priorities if time is short