Tahitian Honeymoon

Aug 19, 2008
submitted by a client from Pegasus Travel (a Bursch Travel branch in Omaha NE)

The honeymoon was great! The flights went seamlessly. Moorea was a great fit for us. The major downside we found was the cost of food, which we were prepared for. If we go back, we will likely stay at a more economy location that has a kitchen in the room so that we can make our own food. The island is really easy to get around, but we did end up renting a car. I must say that the lagoon off the Sofitel offered the best snorkeling that we found around the entire island. I also really enjoyed our last night being on Tahiti. The Radisson Plaza Resort had terrible customer service especially in the bar and restaurant. But the black sand beach and the jacuzzi in the room made up for that. I wish I knew more french, but we were able to get by without it. I did take a french phrasebook with us, which helped to read signs.

Thank you so much for helping to make our honeymoon magical!