Europe Trip

Sept 2, 2008

Jill Ward travel agent in our St Cloud, MN offcie sent this in from her clients, the Eichler's, on their recent trip to Europe.

I had the honor of planning a detailed itinerary for France and Italy for my clients, Aaron and Elizabeth Eichler.

The trip they wanted was a 16 day tour of these countries, focusing on the major wine producing regions, starting in Paris and ending in Rome. While they took a train for a couple of segments of their trip, they traveled by rental car for the majority of their trip. They said a GPS was a lifesaver for traveling in these countries.

I needed to arrange accommodations for every night, and while there were a few occasions in which they stayed 2 or 3 nights in one place, most of the time they were on the go, wanting to explore as much as possible of these beautiful countries. I had a wonderful time researching for the right type of accommodations for this adventurous couple.

Their answer to my question about the weather in late July/early August:

"France - the weather was perfect. The sun was shining and it was breezy. It didn't get too hot until we reached Tuscany. There it was pretty warm. So warm infact that the chocolate that we bought as gifts . . . didn't last very long in the bag. I think Rome was the hottest - maybe because we were walking around so much (over 100 both days). Although I don't know if we would do it differently? I guess if someone is up for it, a bus tour of Rome might be nice. Then you can see everything and be in air conditioning??"

How were all of the rooms and beds?! The room in Paris looked as I thought it would but the next one you showed looked a little dark and small!

"All of the rooms were great. The camera didn't capture that particular room correctly in Beaune - that was one of out favorite places. There was only one bed (Orvieto) that was a little small, but we were so exhausted by that point - it turned out fine."

I'm so glad you had a great time. I truly enjoyed planning the details for you and I appreciate you sharing your travel memories with me. If at any time you think of more comments and suggestions, please let me know.

"The navigation was a life saver!! It is a must, very user friendly. We both overpacked - we needed more clothes for hot weather, long sleves were not necessary. We also packed quite a few dresses, dress shirts, which were not necessary either. The trip was much more casual than we expected (which is a good thing). Aaron and I both said that the next time we go back to Italy we would focus our time in the Piedmont area - that was our favorite! It's more our style - quiet, beautiful, relaxing. I can't wait to start planning a trip back. Thank you, thank you again! It was one amazing vacation!!!"