RIU Caribe Resort Cancun

Submitted by Karen R Baxter office Dec 2008

The RIU Caribe in Cancun is in a good location and smaller and more personable than the large resorts.  It was very laid back and relaxing.  Not much for night life, so if that's what you're interested in, you're better off elsewhere.  You can also use the facilities at the RIU Cancun (transportation is not provided between the resorts).  The beach is nice, but not very big.  The kids program seemed to be a huge success according to a few of the parents I talked to.  The specialty restaurants had very good food.  The buffet was good, but not too many variations.  The pizzeria was also tasty.  The desserts weren't the best, but the ice cream was good.  Shopping was only a 10 minute bus ride in either direction.  It was relaxing with just enough activities to keep you busy and involved.  There was a small workout room that we enjoyed a couple of the days.  The activities staff did a super job of motivating the guests and getting them active.  Water aerobics was a big hit, but the pool was quite cool.  The RIU Caribe is definitely not a party hotel.  There were quite a few vendors on the beach, but they were respectful and not pushy.   The sports bar is more like a game room with several TV's and a bar.  Families with young children, singles or couples that are looking for a quiet, laid back atmosphere would enjoy this property.  If you can't get to a bank for pesos, use the hotel exchange.  When returning, try to spend your pesos as the exchange back to US dollars at the airport is quite a bit lower.   It's been many years since I had been to Cancun. The city is very built up and modern.  We felt very safe walking around in the city.  Everyone enjoyed the trip and liked the resort very much.

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Riu lobby Christmas 08