Isla Mujeres Mexico

submitted by Jessica - Bursch Travel Waite Park

We stayed at the Avalon Isla Mujeres
The Avalon is in a great location, it is actually on an island off of Isla Mujeres and the hotel is the only thing on that little island. The only way to get to the hotel is by the bridge from Isla Mujeres to the Avalon. The Caribbean Sea encircles the whole hotel which is absolutely beautiful. Most people just got their snorkeling gear and from the beach you could jump in the water and snorkel for about 200 yards in one direction.
The hotel room we had didn't have air conditioning until the 3rd day and the water at the hotel lacked. For the 7 days we were there I had 2 warm showers, and the water pressure would come and go. The food at the hotel was ok, very bland when you did the buffets, the menu was better. There were only the two places to eat at the hotel one being the buffet and the Kelly Bar which was just off the buffet.
The staff at the hotel varied in friendliness. The ones who worked with the guests on a day to day basis were great. The management and front desk staff were not as friendly.
This trip was one of the best that I have taken. The island is so friendly and welcoming you could walk anywhere not have a problem.
If you are not buying transfers with a tour company you may get ripped off by the taxis from the airport to the ferry and from the ferry to the airport.
The only thing that we had a problem with is with the transfers from the ferry to the hotel, Trafic Tours told us when we get off the ferry go to the road and look for the red taxi's. Well we got to the road and couldn't find the taxi's. A passer by told us to go about 20 feet to the left of the dock and there is a taxi stand area.
Hotel Cabanas Maria del Mar
This hotel had access to the beach, very basic and authentic Mexico feel to it. The garden was filled with Hibiscus trees which surrounded the small pool they had. Very small at 73 rooms. There was one restaurant that I saw and 4 room types.
Privilege Aluxes
This is the hotel I would recommend to anyone and when I go back this is where I will stay. The hotel is 1 1/2 years old and absolutely covered every person that I would send to Isla Mujeres. They have 6 room types and I saw all but the Grand Platinum Suite which the manager said is better than the Presidential Suite. There are Jacuzzi tubs in all but the Super Saver rooms and balconies in every room. The balconies are all very nice sized with some having the Jacuzzi tub on the balcony. There are 2 restaurants for dinner and 2 restaurants on the beach. The presidential suite can fit 6 people and you have your own private pool on the balcony.
Na Balam
Very basic, there are no TV's in rooms. It is run down by outward appearance but some of the rooms are very nice. There are 4 room types in this 32 room hotel and 4 of the rooms have pools on the balcony.