Alaska Experience 2014

Royal Caribbean Alaska Vacation 2014

submitted by: Karen and Tom S. Alexandria office

Aug 2014

What a great trip  to Alaska we had.  We were so lucky  to see so many amazing places and do some wonderful things.   Some of the wildlife we saw.... a grizzly bear up close to the bus munching on berries. We also saw at least 10 humpback whales on an excursion out in one of the bays at Juneau, Alaska. One picture looks like the whale is holding up a small boat. I remember a young boy in the boat yelling, "This is really cool!". We were able to see seals in nature playing in the water and on the beach. We saw elk, a moose, some black bear and grizzlies' roaming the valley, tons of salmon jumping as this is their spawning season and the bears are out to eat a good dinner. I did have salmon on several occasions as that is a staple of the Alaskan diet. We did go on a tram ride up in the mountains and did some climbing on a switchback trail to the top. (You do know if your heart is in good shape or not under those circumstances.) We did ride by train up to Denali National Park to get some breathtaking views of Mt. McKinley. On our cruise we saw the Hubbard Glacier and the Mendenhall Glacier. They are so spectacular! Tom spent time with the tribal natives at Hoonah dancing on stage!! Yup.... in full costume! We enjoyed a train ride up to White Pass in Skagway, Alaska. The trip was topped off with time in Vancouver, British Columbia at Stanley Park along the ocean front along with a trip to Victoria Island to see the Butchart Gardens. They are the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen in acres of arrangements that were absolutely gorgeous. We had very little cloudy weather while we were there. We had just a few days with some overcast skies, but nothing that interfered with the opportunities that we had to see the glory of God in Alaska.