Dream Adventure to Sri Lanka - Overview

After hearing about the amazing adventure that our clients had in Sri Lanka, we KNEW we had to share their story.  A huge thank you to Tom & Kim Nelson of Austin, MN for taking the time to put all of this together for us and an additional thank you to our very own Edie L. for making the adventure happen in the first place!  Get ready to add Sri Lanka to your travel bucket list.


Exploration of Sri Lanka - Day by Day

Tom & Kim Nelson take you through each day of their exploration of Sri Lanka! Whether they were sleeping in their treehouse after hiking in the jungle, or soothing their muscles with a rejuvenating massage before indulging in the local cuisine, their trip was truly action packed! Oh, and did we mention a vow renewal in a spectacular setting?  Read on!

Welcome to Burschville, MN!

Fred Bursch visits Burschville, MN!

Christmas at Bursch Travel, Austin MN

Happy Travel Tuesday!  Normally we would be highlighting just one of our agents, but today we are applauding our entire Austin office.  Each year, businesses in the area take part in a night of Christmas festivities.  Our office not only offered popcorn and games, but came with THE Mrs. Claus!

Travel Advisor Tuesday - Dawn K.

You know what day it is - Travel Advisor Tuesday! Dawn K. is our feature this week.  Having worked at Bursch Travel for over 15 years, Dawn's smiling face is one you've hopefully seen many times in our Marshall, MN office. An expert in all things Disney, give her a call if you're interested in meeting Mickey, yourself!

Travel Advisor Tuesday - Mary Jo F.

If you've ever wondered if cruising is for you, Mary Jo from our Austin office is your gal.  Having been on 8 cruises herself, this week's Travel Advisor Tuesday pick knows the ropes of sailing on both large and small ships.  Permission to come aboard! 

Travel Advisor Tuesday - Audrey H.

Happy Travel Advisor Tuesday! Audrey H. from Omaha has likely seen it all.  Having served Omaha travelers for over 60 years, if you're working with Audrey, you're working with one of the best.  Read more about her here!

Travel Advisor Tuesday - Peg M.

This week we take a moment to introduce you to somebody who, although is newer to our Bursch Travel family, is a veteran to the travel industry.  With an impressive 34 years under her belt, Peg M, and her team at Brittain World Travel in Sheridan, Wyoming, bring experience and a whole lot of fun to their clients.

Travel Advisor Tuesday - Jessica K.

We took a week off but now we're back for our next Travel Advisor Tuesday! Today we're featuring Jessica K. from our Rapid City office.  One of our resident adventure travelers, she has a soft spot for everything Peruvian.  Read more about her explorations, here!

Travel Advisor Tuesday - Donna S.

It's Travel Advisor Tuesday, again, here at Bursch Travel!  Donna S, from Alexandria, is in the hot seat today.  Click here to learn more about our office manager or, even better yet, come at meet her in person during our Princess Cruises Alaska presentation this Thursday, September 14!