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Jennifer N.

Years with Bursch Travel: 20

Most Interesting Trip You've Booked for a Client: I love the challenge of interesting requests! I've booked clients in a tree house in Norway, golfing above the Arctic Circle, and convent stays in Italy. Nothing is out of reach!

Travel Areas of Expertise: Europe - especially Italy.  I fell in love with it from the very beginning.  The food, the wine, the culture, the history...EVERYTHING! I've escorted many Bursch Travel clients on exclusive group tours and can't wait to get back.

Random Fact: I'm a huge fan of Dr. Who. I even went to ComicCon this year so I could meet the 12th Dr! 

Karen R.

Years at Bursch Travel: 15... And another 14 years in the travel industry prior.

Best Part about being a Travel Counselor:  The wonderful thing about the travel industry is that it's always changing so we get to dabble in just about every destination. I really enjoy working with European tours, European River Cruises, Disneyworld and New Zealand trips.

Most Interesting Trip Planned: I helped clients take their “perfect dream trip” traveling throughout Asia including air, train, ground transportation, hotel and tours. I also planned a 40th birthday trip to Mexico for several ladies. I was an acquaintance with the birthday girl but we hit it off and had so much fun planning the trip, that she asked me to join them. I did and we had a BLAST!

Amy R. 

Years at Bursch Travel: 7 Years.

What part of the world do you know best?  Europe, Mexico, and Alaska

What do you do for fun when you're not traveling? Spend time with my family. I'm also an avid cook and baker.

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? South Africa, The Pyramids, Seychelles, Antarctica, Galapagos Islands...  just to name a few!

What is the most unusual trip you have booked for a client? I booked a very extensive WWII "death camp" tour through Poland, Germany, France and England for 4 gentlemen. They had made their hit list but we dialed it down into what would be managable for their timeframe. I knew it was going to be somewhat taxing, not only physically due to the demands of the travel itself, but the emotional aspect of visiting the camps and battlegrounds. I joked with them about having to send them to Disneyland in Paris so they could sprinkle some pixie dust to shake off the cobwebs of the first week.  It turned out to be a great trip for them - no pixie dust needed!

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