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Building in Extra Time When Booking Flights

Important Information!

The demand for travel is back and we’re incredibly excited to help you with your next adventure!  However, although restrictions are being eased, there are still a few things that are currently not “easy” about travel.

The lasting effects of COVID layoffs and early retirements mean that airlines are still understaffed. Fewer pilots and crew means fewer flights, possible delays, and even cancellations. We always advise that you pack your patience, but now we want to make sure that you are planning ahead.

If you are traveling for a special event or have a cruise or tour that departs on a specific date, we are currently advising that you plan to arrive AT LEAST 24-48 hours in advance.  You’ve seen the heartbreaking stories on the news – fathers missing their daughter’s weddings, couples not making it to their honeymoons, and groups left standing at the port while their ship sails away. You deserve the trip of your dreams, so let’s make that a reality.  For those traveling to Alaska, please know that they are experiencing an even greater staffing shortage, so keep that in mind as you make your plans.    

Should you already have travel plans for 2022, please look at your itinerary again. If there are fewer than 24-48 hours before a planned event, cruise or tour, reach out to your Bursch Travel advisor, today. Building in some buffer time could be the difference between taking your dream vacation and your vacation being only a dream.

All the best,

Your team at Bursch Travel

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