Bursch Travel - Omaha, NE


Audrey H.

Years at Bursch Travel: 11

Previous to Bursch Travel: I started Pegasus Travel in 1989 and have been serving Omaha travelers for over 60 years.

What do you to when you're not traveling: I love cooking, reading, and going to the theater.  

What's your favorite destination? London - I just feel at home there.  Join me on our yearly theater tour! This will be our 16th trip to London in conjunction with the Omaha Community Playhouse. Click here for more details.

What's on your travel bucket list: The Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

Travel related specialties: I've been recognized by Travel & Leisure and Spa magazine in the unique area of a Spa/Health/Wellness Destination Resort Specialist. I have personally stayed at dozens of spas throughout Europe and the U.S. from destination spas to classic resort facilities.  I also enjoy Honeymoon and Romance Travel and Group Travel. 

Brittany A. 

Years in the travel industry: My passion for travel brought me to a new career at Pegasus.  I look forward to working with and learning from such an experienced team. 

What did you do prior to Pegasus? I was a high school Spanish teacher.

What parts of the world do you know best? Mexico, Central America (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua) Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

What do you do for fun when not traveling?  I like to rock climb, hike, and participate in trivia nights around town.

What's your favorite destination and why? Guatemala and Peru are tied for first. I was able to meet some amazing people while backpacking in Guatemala. I also witnessed two volcanoes erupt on New Year's Eve at the same time!  Peru screams culture and of course, Machu Picchu, which is absolutely breathtaking.

Share a fun fact about yourself: I've hiked over 60 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

Kim L.

Years with Bursch Travel: 8

What do you do for fun when you're not traveling?: I love to spend time with my family, read, cook and be at our cabin.

What's on your travel bucket list?: Paris, Italy and Tahiti

What's your favorite destination and why? ANYWHERE there is a beach!!

Nina L.

Years at Bursch Travel: 2 Years

What did you do before Bursch Travel?  I was a grad student getting my masters degree in museum studies from the Univeristy of Louisiana in Lafayette.

What are your travel related specialties?: I have traveled the United States extensively.  The only states I haven't (yet!) been to are Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire. There are definitley US destinations that should be on your bucket list! Besides knowing my home state of South Dakota like the back of my hand, the Maryland/Washington DC area are my domestic specialty. DC is one of my favorite cities and I am lucky enough to have family there so I get to visit often. A few of my other specialties include history, art, wine, beer, and adventure related travel.

What's on your travel bucket list? Peru - Inca Trail/Machu Picchu, Israel, and Nepal.

Most unusual experience when booking a client's trip: I found a client $400 airfare from Omaha to Rome! 

Stacy B.

Years at Bursch Travel: 10 years with Bursch, 10 years before!

What parts of the words do you know best? Tahiti, Hawaii, Riviera Maya, Western Europe.

Travel Bucket List: New Zealand and Kathmandu.

What's your favorite destination and why?: Anywhere in Europe. I love the history, culture, food, and scenery. 

What you might know about me:  When I turned 40 I decided to make my love for travel my career. I specialize in customized European itineraries, honeymoons and family travel to Mexico.  I also specialize in Hawaii and French Polynesia. Moorea and Bora Bora with their unspoiled beauty are definitely my favorite places to visit. I can't get enough of planning the “trip of a lifetime” for my clients, the one they have always dreamed of taking.