Bursch Travel - Monticello, MN


Krisha F.

Years at Bursch Travel: 23

Travel specialties: Destination weddings, Disney and Mexico/Caribbean.

What do you do for fun when not traveling: I love watching my two kids play their sports, spending time at our cabin, and camping.

Travel bucket list: Ireland, Norway, Iceland

Favorite location: Lately it's become Alaska due to its natural beauty.

Strangest travel request: I had a Wiccan Witch come in and ask for a tour to London. She wanted to see Stonehenge and asked for a tour on a broomstick.  I had to tell her that I couldn't sell her that tour because what if the broomstick doesn't fly? She said, "Why wouldn't it fly?"

Barbara L. 

Years at Bursch Travel: 4 years

What did you do before Bursch Travel? I worked as an accounting assistant for many years. Although I'm new to the travel industry, I'm not new to travel. I love visiting Mexico, soaking in the beautiful weather, relaxing on the white sand beaches, and exchanging travel stories with the new people I've met along the way.  

Travel bucket list: Alaska, Hawaii and a river cruise!

Something you don't know about me: I'm a member of The Women of Today.  I also enjoy card making, scrapbooking, plants and, above all, spending time with my grandkids.

Nina L.

Years at Bursch Travel: 4 Years

What did you do before Bursch Travel?  Getting my Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

What are your travel related specialties?: I have traveled the US extensively – only 3 states I haven’t been to yet. I am also a certified Hawaii Destination Expert and I am well versed in Costa Rica travel (it is one of my favorite destinations to plan). My specialty is Europe and European River Cruises. I have been to Europe three times – one time I stayed the whole summer – and have visited different countries every time (9 countries and counting). The last time I went was on a river cruise and it was a wonderful way to see Europe.

What's on your travel bucket list? Peru - Inca Trail/Machu Picchu, Israel, and Nepal.

What's your favorite destination and why? New York during the holidays is unlike anything else. In 2017 my whole family came along and we just had the best time... even while we froze our toes off waiting for the parade! I would go every year if I could and I’m happy to help anyone hoping to check the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade off of their bucket list.

Most unusual experience when booking a client's trip: I found a client $400 airfare from Omaha to Rome!