Bursch Travel - Marshall, MN


Dawn K.

Years at Bursch Travel: 15

Travel background: I graduated from McConnell School for Travel and Tourism.  While attending school, I worked as a Gate Agent at the Minneapolis Airport. After graduation, I worked as a Cruise Director for American Cruise Lines. 

What is on your travel bucket list: Alaska and the Holy Land.

What parts of the world do you know best: Disneyland and Disney World, Europe, Caribbean/Mexico, Hawaii and South Africa/Safari.

Best part about traveling: I believe traveling is what makes the world a better place. The more you learn about a culture, the more you can respect the culture and its people.

Strangest travel question: A customer asked if peanut butter was considered a gel. She wanted to make peanut butter sandwiches on the plane. Ha!

Emily L.

Years in the Bursch Travel: I just changed my career and am excited to work with and learn from this great team!

What did you do before Bursch Travel? I got my bachelors degree in Human Resources Management and went on to raise my family.  I also provided daycare for 12 years, owned a gift shop, and was a manager at a fast food restaurant.

What destinations are on your travel bucket list? A Mediterranean cruise including spending time in Rome.

What are your travel related specialties: Disneyworld.

What's your favorite location and why?  Anywhere with a beach....and Disneyworld!

Share a fun fact about yourself?  I LOVE anything homemade.  I make quilts and even tap maple trees to make syrup each spring.

Nancy P.

Nancy decided 13 years ago it was time for a career change and travel was her choice.  She is a member of the Marshall Downtown Business Association, Marshall Chamber of Commerce, and the First Lutheran Church. Rome definitely stands out in her mind as an amazing city but she really loves the smaller communities outside of Rome.  She enjoyed driving through the countryside, stopping at an outdoor café for lunch, or walking through the open air markets where they sell fresh garden produce. She wants to visit both Norway and northern Alaska to see the Northern Lights in action! She has seen them here in Minnesota but it’s nothing like you can see in those two places. Nancy recently booked a mother and daughter on a vacation to Alaska. They did not want the typical cruise or land package; those were too big.  She booked the pair on the Alaska Marine Highway System, similar to the public transit system in the lower 48 but it is on water!  They said it was a very interesting way to see Alaska.