Bursch Travel - Waite Park, MN


Aime M.

Years at Bursch Travel: 20

What is your travel background? I got my Travel Management Degree from Rasmussen College and then worked at Trans Global Vacations for a year.  I've been at Bursch Travel ever since!

What are your travel related specialties? I can do a mixture of things. I book Disney vacations, cruises, trips to Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and the rest of the US. I am also able to coordinate destination weddings and incentive groups. I am an AM Master agent, a Disney college of knowledge graduate, a Marriott Hotel specialist and a Certified Travel Counselor. 

What destinations are on your bucket list? Australia, New Zealand and Aruba.

What's your favorite location and why? Hawaii. I love being surrounded by the beautiful beaches and waterfalls.

Share a fun fact about yourself!  I LOVE technology. I know, I'm a pretty big dork. :)

Amy W.

Years at Bursch Travel: 5 years.

What degrees do you hold? I got my BA in Travel & Tourism.  I also minored in photo journalism. During my studies, I spent 4 months in England learning all about the history and culture, so naturally it's my favorite destination. 

What are your travel related specialties? I specialize in Mexico and the United Kingdom, but I am also a Marriott Hotel Sales Agent, an AM Resorts Master Agent and a graduate of Regent Seven Seas University and the Disney College of Knowledge. 

What's on your travel bucket list? Santorini, Thailand and Maldives are on my travel wish list.

Do any client/bookings stand out in your memory? My most rewarding moment came when I booked a trip for a mother and daughter who had no idea where they wanted to go.  They were animal lovers, so I suggested San Diego. They visited the San Diego Zoo and went whale watching – they were hooked.  The mother later came back and told me that her daughter described the whale watching experience as the single best day of her life!!

Carmen S.

Years at Bursch Travel: 3 years.  I got my BA in social work but then later received my travel certificate from the Travel Academy in Eagan, MN.

What places are on your travel bucket list? Australia, Machu Picchu, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Brazil.

Do you have a favorite destination? I fell in love with Spain.  I love the history, the architecture, and the food & wine!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself: I lived in Honduras when I was younger.  My dad was an eye doctor and would charge $1 (or one lempira in Honduran currency) per patient. Some people couldn't afford it, but they would come back later and give him a chicken or a pig as payment and a thank you for checking their eyes.

 Carol A.

Years at Bursch Travel: 9 years at Bursch and an additional 17 years in the industry before that.

What parts of the world do you know best? Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and Europe.

What do you do for fun when you're not traveling? I go wine tasting, hiking, or spend time spoiling my grandchildren.

What's your favorite destination?  France - it was my most recent trip which always ends up being my new favorite. One of the most beautiful places I've visited is Machu Picchu – absolutely stunning!  Another destination at the top of my list is Tanzania.  The sheer vastness, the animals, and how exotic the country is...it was an incredible experience!

What places are on your bucket list? Easter Island, Australia, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Share one random fact about yourself: I dance and perform with a local dance group - the Granite City Cloggers.


Doug B.

Doug has worked in the travel industry for 29 years and has an AA Degree from St. Cloud State University.  He is very active with the Sons of the American Legion throughout Minnesota and the United States. He has worked his entire career in corporate travel and specializes in Corporate Travel.  His clients appreciate his  excellent customer service and how he creates solutions for any situation. The most enjoyable part about traveling for him is collecting all of the “tacky tourist” stuff to bring home. He is anxious to collect some more items when he someday visits his dream destination of Ireland.

Emily H.

Years at Bursch Travel: 3 Years.  Although I'm relatively new to the industry, I traveled extensively my entire life throughout the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Western Europe. 

Do you hold any degrees?  I lived in Europe for 4 months while earning my BA in English from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. 

What's your favorite destination?  It's a toss-up between Ireland and Italy.  The cultures and rich history of the landscapes are most appealing.

What are your travel related specialties?  I work mostly with honeymooners, couples, and groups for vacation packages to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. I know the Florida beach regions very well, especially the Fort Myers area as my parents have a condo in Naples. I love putting together Disney World or Universal Park packages for families. I also coordinate a lot of Alaska cruise and land tours. I am knowledgeable on travel to Great Britain and Ireland as well as parts of Western Europe including France, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. I am also a Marriott Hotel Sales Agent, an AM Resorts Master Agent, and a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge.

Jill F.

Years at Bursch Travel: 18 Years

What parts of the world do you know best? Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  I'm also a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge.  

What's your favorite destination and why?  It's very hard to narrow down to just one!  I love the mountains so Alaska & Montana were fantastic. I'm also in love Hawaii because of its beaches and beautiful scenery. Ireland is my favorite for history, culture AND scenery.  And so many great US places! Charleston's history, food and beauty made it a very memorable location.

What do you do for fun when you're not traveling? I love spending time outside! I enjoy walking/hiking, being on our boat, spending time with family & friends, reading, watching movies, doing yard work, home projects and, of course, time with our puppy my husband, Eric.

Jill W.

Years at Bursch Travel: 22 Years at Bursch but over 33 years total.

What are your travel related specialties? Europe, USA, Mexico and Caribbean.

What locations are on your bucket list? I can't really narrow it down! I want to do more of Europe, Central and South America, South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

What do you do for fun when not traveling? I enjoy spending time with my two kids, hiking, hanging out with friends, and reading.

Do you have a favorite destination? I love all of the history of Europe but I also love the beautiful beach destinations of Hawaii and Riviera Maya.

Karen D.

Years at Bursch Travel: 3 Years

Which destinations are on your bucket list? Tahiti, Fiji, Bora Bora - any exotic island.

What are your travel related specialties? Mexico! I go there at least twice a year.  I've also traveled extensively through Belgium.

What do you do for fun when not traveling?  I plan my NEXT trip!  I also like to play the piano for relaxation as well as sew.

Any usual bookings to date? I had a direct descendent of Count Dracula inquiring about a tour to Transylvania on Halloween. Seriously! He even showed me his driver's license.

Care to share a fun fact? I am a church choir director and Lee Hurd was in my choir.  That's how I got involved with Bursch Travel.

Karen K.

Years at Bursch Travel: 39 Years.

What are your travel related specialties? I am a Group & Incentive Travel Agent specializing in cruises.  I am a graduate of the Princess Cruise Academy and the St. Cloud Business College. 

What's on your travel bucket list? I specialize in cruises but would like to do a river cruise.

In all of your experience, what's your most unusual booking?  I booked a gentleman on the Lindblad Expedition Trip to space - it was $50,000 per person many years ago. My client asked if he should do the trip and of course I said YES! Unfortunately, the program was later discontinued and the trip did not happen.  But it's still fun to think I actually had booked someone to space!

What do you do in your spare time? I like to cook and spend time with my family.

Kelly D.

Years at Bursch Travel: 5 years with Bursch - another 10 previous.

What are your travel related specialties? Group travel is my main focus… incentive groups, destination weddings, and college groups. Mexico and the Caribbean are the areas I know best, but I am a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge and the Princess Cruise Academy.

What's on your travel bucket list? Australia, New Zealand, and a European River Cruise.

Do you have a favorite destination? Hawaii!  The Hawaiian people and culture are like nowhere else.  Each island has something different to offer.  Best of all, it's right here in the U.S.

Any fun facts? In my previous job, I got to spend a day and night with a soap star, Philip Kiriakis, from "Days of our Lives". After our meet and greet, I toured him around the Brainerd lakes area local hot spots. It was fun to see how long it would take, at each establishment, for people to start recognizing him!  

Laura G.

Years at Bursch Travel: 20 years at Bursch but another 15 years prior.

What part of the world do you know best? Southern Florida.

What's on your travel bucket list? Traveling to Europe with my husband.

Any unusual experiences with a customer? I answer the switchboard in our St. Cloud office. One day I got a call from a client telling me that they were stuck in stop and go traffic. He asked that I call the airline to let them know they'd be 30-45 min late. Ha! Needless to say, they missed their flight...but we got them accommodated for the night and were rebooked for the next day.

When you're not traveling, where can we find you? I love spending time with my granddaughter.  I also enjoy golfing, watching movies, and reading.


Support Staff

Erin B - Accounting 

Years at Bursch Travel: 1

What did you do before Bursch Travel? I got my BA in Accounting from St. Cloud State University and am a certified public accountant. I used to own my own business!

What destinations are on your bucket list? Barbados, Aruba and Thailand. Can you tell that I like the sun and white sand beaches?

Share something fun about yourself that none of us would know:  I hiked the Grand Canyon and survived!

Gretchen W. - Director of Sales and Marketing

Years at Bursch Travel: 14 Years. Prior to Bursch, I worked in the travel industry for 25 years. 

How did you get your start in travel? I was working at a southern California department store.  While chatting with a customer about travel, the customer offered me a job at the travel agency she owned with her husband! The rest is (ancient) history.

What countries are on your travel bucket list? Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Argentina....the list goes on!

What's your favorite destination? Portugal - I just got back so memories are fresh. The people are so friendly and fun and the food and wine are fantastic and inexpensive. It's a beautiful place with so much to do and an interesting history I would love to learn more about.

What do you do for fun when not traveling? I dream about my next trip! I also smother my dog with lots of love. Oh, and I also watch a lot of good TV...I'm a little obsessed.

What's a favorite travel memory? I traveled to Singapore just a few weeks after 9/11.  I was overwhelmed by how much sympathy the local people had for our country.  Traveling really does make the world a smaller place and you learn how similar we really all are.


Jennifer C. - Bookkeeping Assistant

Years with Bursch Travel: 11 Years.  I work in the accounting department and also as the human resources counselor.

What do you like to do for fun? I love spending time with my five kids.  We do bonfires in the backyard and make s'mores and hotdogs. Yumm!!

What is your favorite destination?  My favorite trip was taking my kids to Disney World.  We enjoyed all of the magic it had to offer!

John G. - Director of Group and Corporate Services

Years at Bursch Travel: 24

Travel related specialties: Missionary Travel, Asia, Africa, Europe.

What do you do when not traveling: I work on my classic trucks and go to as many classic car shows as possible during the summer.

Favorite destination and why: To date, it's Italy.  It was something that we had planned on doing for many years after my youngest son graduated from high school. Finally, two years after he graduated, we made the trip happen. It was both the funniest and most interesting trip - my family really took in the culture and enjoyed the adventure. We took all modes of transportation including plane's, trains, boats and automobiles.

Most interesting trip planned: I have fond memories of a gentleman and his wife that wanted to return back to the homeland he left during WWII.  He was in a concentration camp and was the only one of his family who survived.  He sat in my office for over 2 hours sharing stories that were intriguing and interesting.  The most special story was about how he met his wife on the outside of the prison camp. 

Lee H. - Executive Vice President

Years with Bursch Travel: 29 years

What are your travel related specialties? I specialize in group travel with an emphasis on NYC.  Our "Best of the Big Apple" tour is a perennial favorite! As a group escort, I have been able to meet so many fantastic people, including several famous people. My 2012 tour was record setting!  Snoop Dog hugged one of my guests, Matthew Broderick stopped for a photo with another one, I met Mae Whittman in Central Park, Al Roker shook hands with everyone while attending the Today Show, and many also had the chance to visit with the cast of 30 Rock during the filming of their last episode. 

What's on your travel bucket list: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Australia.

What do you do when you're not traveling? I'm a board member of The Forum of Executive Women, a United Way Community Solution vice chair, I'm on the Big Brothers Big Sisters Funding Committee and in the Executive Interactive Group.  Along with my husband, we mentor a Little Brother though BBBS. 

Mozelle L. - Director of Operations

Years at Bursch Travel: 23 years

What degrees do you have? I have an AA degree in Travel Management from Rasmussen College.  I'm also a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge and a Certified Travel Counselor. 

What's on your travel bucket list? My dream destination is a two week trip to London and Paris - of course for the sightseeing, but also for the shopping and exploring new foods!

Tell us something that people may not know about you? I do travel planning for sweepstakes winners from all kinds of different companies around the United States.  Recently I was able to make a little girl's dream come true when she won a week-long trip to Los Angeles including a visit to Nickelodeon Studios and Disneyland. The little girl was truly mesmerized by this exciting trip.

Sue P. - Chief Financial Officer

Years at Bursch Travel: I have been at Bursch Travel for my entire 30-year career!

What do you like to do when not traveling? I am an avid cross-country skier and a supportive fan of my son who competes in the Biathlon.  Last winter I was able to attend the Inaugural Winter Youth Olympics in Austria.  I was very excited to experience an Olympic event and was overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery in this amazing area of Europe.

What locations are on your bucket list?  On my next adventure, I would like to visit the Galapagos Islands and or Antarctica.

Terri B.

Years at Bursch Travel: 5

Terri Bursch joined Bursch Travel in July of 2012 as the Director of Corporate Services after a 35-year career in the Medical Services Industry.  There she held a Vice President- Regional Manager position, managing 35 service centers in 18 states. “While Fred and I have done extensive travel together, having the opportunity to bring my corporate travel and management experience to Bursch Travel and be a part of  this caring, knowledgeable and experienced  team of travel specialists is truly exciting for me!”