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Travel Tips & Assistance - Summer 2022

Travel Tips - Summer 2022

Your vacation is very important to us, so we want to share some tips for travel as Covid-19 continues to impact our world.

The demand for travel is back and we’re incredibly excited to help you with your next adventure!  However, although restrictions are being eased, there are still a few things that are currently not “easy” about travel.

The lasting effects of COVID layoffs and early retirements mean that airlines are still understaffed. Fewer pilots and crew means fewer flights, possible delays, and even cancellations. We always advise that you pack your patience.

Because Covid-19 placed significant challenges on the entire hospitality industry, staff reductions and other steps have been taken to aid in recovery. This means that customer service will likely be compromised at hotels, resorts, restaurants, museums, parks and all places that serve travelers.

Tips for Assistance Traveling Summer 2022

Cancelled Flight at the airport:

  • If you have a cancelled flight – get in line immediately at the airlines service desk, check-in podium at the gate, or service phone bank near your gate. The airline will have immediate access to alternative flights they can offer you as assitance.

Cancelled Flight prior to leaving home:

  • If you are contacted that your flight has been cancelled ask them for alternative fights they can offer you as protection.

Other Emergencies during travel:

  • Contact the Destination Help Desk or Emergency contact number listed in your documents to have them start assisting you with the situation.