Quark Expedition Cruises

The Leader in Arctic & Antarctic Adventures

Be part of the lucky few to explore the beauty and majesty of one of the last unspoiled places on earth. Quark Expeditions takes curious travelers such as yourself to corners of the world that few will ever experience. 

Uncover Arctic Adventures with Quark Expeditions

Six reasons why we are the Leader in Polar Adventures:   

POLAR PIONEERS - Since 1991, our DNA has been about pushing and going further. This desire has brought more explorers to more places one can’t easily get to alone, for a quarter of a century.  

KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE - There is no substitute for expertise. Ours is so sought after, we actually set industry standards for safety. That’s the confidence you’ll feel on every Quark expedition.

PASSION AND PEOPLE - Quark staff effortlessly share their knowledge • with the enthusiasm of doing so for the first time • resulting in deep, personal connections and enrichment at every turn.

FOCUS ON DETAILS - A polar trip is something that many people experience only once in a lifetime, so it has to be perfect. This is why we profoundly appreciate details, and why we sweat the small stuff.

RELENTLESS INVESTIGATION - Nature is in constant motion, and no company appreciates this more than Quark. Trying harder is tough work, but the moment we can show you something others can’t, it makes it all worthwhile.

BALANCING RISK AND REWARD - Traveling to remote regions requires a profound understanding of risk versus reward. At Quark, we didn’t read the book on Polar Region safety— we authored it.  

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