COVID-19 Testimonials

We use Krisha at Bursch Travel when our travel plans have to be flawless. When it comes to family vacations, she makes them the best. From multiple Disney cruises, to our latest family vacation destination of St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean. We have never had an issue while on vacation, and the current COVID-19 pandemic proved to us that Krisha is the one to have in your corner for all things travel related. She contacted us prior to our departure to St. Lucia and made sure we were comfortable with our current travel arrangements. We were, and we made the decision to continue with our travel plans and had a wonderful time at Coconut Bay Resort. She reached out to us towards the end of our vacation to update us on the travel restrictions that were being implemented daily and throughout the world. She indicated that staying on an island may prove to be a bit risky with the day to day changes happening. We made the decision to cut our vacation short by a couple days and Krisha had us on the next flight out, the very next day. We are grateful for her insight and compassion making sure our family was kept safe and returned home safe as well. I would highly recommend Krisha to anyone looking for a travel professional to partner with. - Brett R

Our experience with Aime M. during this Covid-19 mess has been wonderful and reassuring. Aime was in contact with us before, during, and after our trip to Mexico. She kept us informed when things changed so rapidly. Aime was able to get a flight back for us to the States very quickly. With doing this so fast, she was able to keep us calm, safe, and feel content on our returning flight. We really appreciate how Aime went out of her way for us and we look forward to working with Bursch Travel again for future vacations. - Bill and Paula T.

Bursch Travel has been the best Travel Agency we have ever used. We have tried a few but none have taken care of us like Sandie Anders from Bursch Travel.

This year we booked our trip to Hawaii with Sandie. She knows us and what we like so it is very easy for us. We have been to Hawaii several times visiting different islands. Before we left on March 9th there was some of the Corona virus talk starting but it was not too concerning yet here in Minnesota. By Friday we were hearing lots of the news and also experiencing different excursions we were planning on doing being cancelled. I called Sandie to ask her what she thought and if we should come back early? She answered right away and assured us we could come back early if we wanted to, she would get us a flight home as soon as we wanted or we can finish our vacation and if she heard anything concerning she would call us right away and arrange for us to come back. So we decided to finish our vacation knowing she had our backs.

We flew home on the 19th, our trip home was flawless and we enjoyed our time. If it hadn't been for Sandie, it would have been quite different. I text her when we got home and thanked her for her help and for another great vacation! I think it's amazing to know even with this Covid 19 virus Bursch Travel exceeded our exception of what a Travel Agent will do. Hats off to Sandie and her team at Bursch Travel!!! We highly recommend them to all our family and friends. Sandie is more of a good friend to us than a Travel Agent. Nice to know there are people like her out there.

- Steve and Sandy H.

Two of our clients, in their 70's, were ready to board their flight to New Zealand when we got word that Globus tours were cancelled worldwide.  We immediately called them and asked them not to board the plane until we verified that their tour was indeed cancelled. It was. Had we not interviened, they would have flown for 15 hours and then been turned around to fly another 15 hours back….or worse yet, they may have been quarantined for 14 days before they could fly back! 

We used travel agent Sandie Anders for our Barbados trip in March of 2020 and left right before the Covid 19 pandemic “meltdown” began. While at Sandals Barbados it seemed as though the conversations with travelers always ended up being the virus topic. With the media/family messages about the border closures, school closings, etc., it was a little unsettling and hard to relax as we knew other travelers were their changing travel to get back home early. Even though the entire world was in a panic about Covid 19, we trusted Sandie knowing she had our backs and was looking out for us with prompt responses advising us to not worry. It was comforting knowing that we had Sandie who is trained with this type of crisis management. Sandie made it stress-free for us knowing she was just a phone call away and had a way of making us feel safe. We felt sorry for those individuals that didn’t have a travel agent to advocate for them, and would recommend Sandie to those who wish to travel in the near future.  - Kelly & Dawn D.

Bursch Travel advisor, Rebecca Dahl, had client worried about their flights to Krakow. She advised them to be patient and not cancel early.  Rebecca was right - American cancelled their flights over the weekend.  She made a call to AA and was able to get a waiver code to cancel for a refund.  Their reply:

God Bless You, big relief. That's why I am (we are) lucky and privileged to have you as our travel consultant. Thank you VERY MUCH for your assistance in this matter and we'll stay in touch!   

Our 19 year old daughter was planning a spring break trip to Italy to visit her cousin who was studying abroad. A few weeks before she left, the coronavirus was getting bad in Italy. Aime helped us come up with a plan B, then a plan C. While my daughter was in England, it was announced that flights from certain countries wouldn't be allowed into the US after a certain date. My daughter was flying in from one of those countries. Amie worked with me that night until 11:00 pm to get a direct flight home from London. I felt like she did what she would've done for her own child. She gave us peace of mind and helped us during a very stressful time. I don't know what we would've done without her help!

- Heather E.

We have been home for two days. It feels wonderful to be home. At the same time we feel bad for our friends who are stranded. Thank you for all the amazing work you did for us. Without you, (we would be stranded in Tobago for most likely, a long time. Our neighbors went grocery shopping for us yesterday and we are now self quarantined for two weeks.

See you when we can, Dave & Marcy

Aime Mushatt truly went above and beyond the call of duty. She supplied so much information and advice. My daughter was studying abroad in Rome and I was supposed to go visit her on March 5. Once we found out that Italy was being affected by Covid-19 we consulted about whether I should cancel my trip. As it turned out my daughter was sent home. The weekend I found out she was coming home, Aimee and I talked a few times and she worked on cancelling my trip and getting me a travel voucher within just a few days of my trip. Aimee worked and listened to my concerns on her own time over the weekend. This was a relief and comfort to me while I was worried about so many things. Thank you Aimee! - Lori A.



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