Hurtigruten comes to Antarctica – Get Ready to Explore!

Antarctica voyages are rich in education and exploration. The surreal and beautiful landscape is given its life through penguins, elephant seals, fur seals, Minke whales, large flocks of sea birds and the drifting albatross. The contrasts between remote Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the vastness of Antarctica are plentiful. In November, springtime is beginning; it’s clean, clear and fresh with few vessels in the area. Penguins are heading for their nesting sites, fantastic light conditions and beautiful ice landscape. 

Join Hurtigruten for a special departure to a rarely visited area of the Antarctic as we sail far south in hopes of crossing the Antarctic Circle. Travel where few have gone before and come ashore for a close look at the wildlife, scientific bases and historic sites.

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Here are just some of the amazing adventures that you can choose from!

IN THE REALM OF THE GREAT EXPLORERS / Ushuaia – Antarctica – Falklands – South Georgia / February 25 (20 days) MS Fram. As you travel in close contact with the elements on this voyage, you will have the chance to see mighty glaciers calving into the sea, flocks of sea birds, the mighty King Penguins, fur seals and humpback whales in the icy ocean.

SOUTH ATLANTIC, ANTARCTICA AND PATAGONIA / Patagonia – Falkland Islands – Antarctica – Cape Horn and Chilean fjords / October 25 (18 days) MS Midnatsol. Starting in Montevideo, we continue to Peninsula Valdés, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And then off to Antarctica! We spend four days here, seeing the most intriguing sights of the southernmost part of world. Our extensive onboard program, excursions and activities make this a dream voyage for any adventurer who wants a memorable vacation.

ANTARCTICA AND THE SOUTH ATLANTIC ISLANDS / Montevideo, Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia / October 29 (18 days) MS Fram. We travel in close contact with the elements and the sights of mighty glaciers calving into the sea, thousands of excited penguins, and humpback and killer whales will create memories to last a lifetime.

ADVENTURE TO THE CHILEAN FJORDS AND ANTARCTICA / Patagonia and Chilean fjords – Antarctica – Cape Horn and Chilean fjords / November 12 & 23 (15 days) MS Midnatsol. Wildlife is abundant here in this starkly beautiful place. Watch for albatross, whales, seals and more. Continue your observations onboard the MS Midnatsol in our explorer room, as your kids check out our Young Explorer Antarctica Club. Other activities include barbeques, wine tastings and exciting lectures that enrich your experience. Enjoy!

THE FROZEN LAND OF THE PENGUINS / Antarctic peninsula / November 16, (12 days) MS Fram. Marvel at the magnificent scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula and its abundant summer wildlife of penguins, seals and whales. Ashore thousands of curious and almost tame penguins, tons of ice, snow and the alpine landscape capped in eternal ice are waiting for you.

THE ULTIMATE ANTARCTICA EXPERIENCE / Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia / November 28 (18 days) MS Fram. On this expedition you will explore immense colonies of albatross and penguins on the Falkland Islands. Discover South Georgia and the South Orkney Islands which offer breathtaking sights in a vast wilderness. Once we reach the Antarctica Peninsula we will take you ashore for a closer look at penguin colonies, historical sites and incredible scenery including Deception Island, Half Moon Island and the Antarctic Sound.

DISCOVER PATAGONIA AND ANTARCTICA / Chilean fjords and Cape Horn – Antarctica – Chilean fjords and Cape Horn / December 6 (16 days) MS Midnatsol. Choose an adventure that will take your breath away. Explore the Chilean fjords, see Cape Horn, meet some friendly penguins, take a hike on a deserted Antarctic island and caress an iceberg with your bare hand. Onboard you can attend fascinating lectures on the wildlife and topography you’ve just experienced, as well as enjoy theme days and activities. Get ready for a voyage with one highlight after another.

WHITE CHRISTMAS IN ANTARCTICA / Antarctica, Falkland Islands and South Georgia / December 16 (18 days) MS Fram. This voyage of discovery goes to one of Earth’s farthest corners and includes not only a guaranteed White Christmas, but penguins, seals and whales too! We cross the South Atlantic Ocean and reach the westernmost settled outposts of the Falkland Islands before heading to the “Serengeti of the Southern Ocean”, South Georgia.

THE LEGENDARY MAGELLAN / Chilean fjords and Cape Horn – Antarctica – Falkland Islands – Magellan Strait – Punta Arenas / December 21 (18 days) MS Midnatsol. Want to celebrate the holidays in an extraordinary way? Join us for a seafaring adventure! Starting with the Chilean fjords, we sail south to the Falkland Islands, then on to five full days exploring Antarctica, as the austral summer gets started. We make a number of stops ashore so you can encounter its wonders up close.