Couples Swept Away- Negril Jamaica

Airlines/Club Mobay

Club Mobay was great and saved us a lot of time going through customs!!  The lounges were also nice and very similar to the different air line club rooms in the states. The flights went well and 2 hours between connections was about perfect when we had to go through customs.  1.5 hours probably would have been to tight.  We struggled with the United Airlines customer service check in desk in Jamaica.  They are slow and have very poor service.  I would guess  they were averaging a customer every 10 minutes and then they would  take random breaks and just leave?  In the US they were much moreefficient and helpful.


 The 1.5 hour trip to the resort was OK but I wouldn't really want it to be much more than that.  The roads and drivers in Jamaica are scary!!!!  I would never recommend anyone ever rent a car there and I was very thankful to get off the shuttle in once piece every time. The resort lobby was nice, check in was smooth, and they did a good  job of getting all the info so they could tell us what time we needed to be in the lobby for our trip home.  They offered 6 different dining locations: Thai food, fine dining buffet, semi formal sit down, vegetarian grill, and a standard pizza/burger grill.  All of them were very good and we got way more than we could eat.  Highlights were lobster night, fruit smoothies all the time, fish tacos, pasta buffet, banana stuffed French toast, and everything at the fine dining restaurant. They had lots of bars but we liked the beach bars the most.  They have a flag service where you put your flag in the sand on the beach when you need another drink and the waitress comes over. We really enjoyed all the free activities they included.  Highlights were the catamaran trip, snorkeling, glass bottom boat ride, and kayaks.  They had a very nice spa and sports complex that we didn't use to much but we did check it out. The pools were OK but the main attraction was the beach!!!  The sand was beautiful, water was clear, and there was a nice shallow flat area roped off for swimming!!  There was no tipping allowed which was nice that we didn't have to carry money.  They had lots of good entertainment every night and our two favorite things were the steel drum band and the bonfire on the beach.


The room was very nice and it opened up right to the beach which was great.  We enjoyed the sitting area/balcony with a fan where we could  relax during the day or night. The bathroom could have used a little updating.  The main bedroom area was nice. Fully stocked mini bar every day.  Maid and turn down service was very good.

Things we didn't expect/watch outs:

There were a lot of Bee's around the beach bars because of the juice and sweet liquor. People should bring bug spray because there are sand flees that bite.  There were a lot of stray cats running around on the resort.


We went zip lining one day and it was fun but I didn't like that we had to drive almost 1.5 hours to get there. We went to a shopping complex which was fun.  It was only 5 minutes from the resort and very nice. On the catamaran ride we docked outside of Rick's Cafe and watched people jump off the cliff.  If people are adventurous enough they might want to check that out.

Let me know if you have any other questions and we would highly recommend this place for people that love the beach, like water activities during the day, and want a nice relaxing vacation!!!!