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Linda Tollefson

Linda was helpful, friendly and made me feel like my vacation was personal and very special. She made arrangements, answered my questions and assisted me when I needed help filling out some online forms. When I was exploring a route that needed up not being feasible, she did extra research for me to try to find alternatives. I know she cares about her customers and wants us each to have the best possible experience when traveling. Thank you Linda!

- Mary L

We want Linda to start planning right now our next February vacation. We feel Linda is not only a great travel agent, but has become a friend. She has taken the time with us to know what we like and what we don't like. She has always steered us in the right direction. We are very grateful for her service and hope she can help us for many years to come.

- Steve and Diane C.

Julie Glover

Julie understands my travel style. Though I typically make all of my own arrangements I turned this entirely over to Julie. Her selections were spot-on.  I was only a little anxious at having turned all details over to someone else, but everything worked out flawlessly.

- Christine C.

Troy Ros

How well did the overall service you received from Troy Ros meet your expectations? Rating: 10

How happy are you with the speed and efficiency at which you receive responses from Troy Ros? Rating: 10

How happy are you with the attention to detail and thoroughness from Troy Ros? Rating: 10

How likely would you be to recommend Troy Ros to a friend? Rating: 10

How likely are you to use Troy Ros to plan your next vacation? Rating: 10  

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